Friday, May 02, 2008

The Blog Books

If you enjoy these blog postings, you should know that most of the past essays have been published in two books, titled Searching for Joan Leslie and Lines from the Beachcomber. The printed books are available for about the printing cost (10 dollars), at They are also downloadable free, and I am frankly amazed at how many people have chosen this option. Personally, I could never read a book on a computer screen; besides, the printed books have those smashing covers designed by my son Chris, who also took the cover photographs. Still, the downloaders have shown their interest, and for that I am grateful.

A third book, The General Radio Story, is also available at GR was a legendary company, both for its contributions to the technology of electronics and for its humanitarian business philosophy. It was born in 1915, died in 2001. It deserved to be rescued from obscurity, and that’s why I wrote the book.